Collection: Maximum Protection – For Everyone in Healthcare

Your Reliable Partner for Medical Safety

The healthcare industry is an environment where the prevention of disease transmission is paramount. It's all about keeping everyone, from patients to the medical team, safe. HARD® offers a range of surgical face masks and personal protective equipment that meets these demands.

The HARD® Type IIR surgical face masks have been specifically designed to drastically reduce the risk of infection transmission in medical facilities such as hospitals and GP surgeries. They play a significant role in minimising the risk of hospital-acquired infections. With their optimal protection and comfort, they provide an indispensable barrier in the daily battle against pathogens.

But it's not just patient protection that's important; safeguarding staff is also crucial. This is where our nitrile gloves, Pro Visier Faceshield, and hairnet come into play – all developed to meet the highest safety standards. Certified Excellence

HARD® follows strict quality guidelines, ensuring that every item meets the ISO 13485 and ISO 9001 standards, guaranteeing the superior quality and safety of each product. Together for a Safe Healthcare Environment

PPE is indispensable in the medical sector, and HARD® is committed to delivering only the best. Our products, such as personal protective equipment (PPE), not only meet regulatory requirements but also set new standards in terms of safety and comfort.

Medical facilities are more than just their technical equipment. They are places where people receive care and work. With this in mind, HARD® is committed to providing the best possible protection. A Commitment to Quality