Collection: Navigating the Complexity of Laboratory Work: Responsibility and Precision

Within the realms of diagnostic and research laboratories, professionals grapple daily with the formidable challenge of safely managing an array of potential pathogens, intricate procedures, and hazardous chemicals. The tasks of analyzing blood samples, handling potent chemicals, and scrutinizing food products are accompanied by inherent risks that demand unwavering attention.

Elevating Protection to the Next Level

In response to the demands of these rigorous environments, HARD® has meticulously developed an assortment of protective products. The KN95 Spirit One mask and the Type IIR surgical face mask stand as exemplars of respiratory safety excellence. In parallel, our resilient nitrile gloves provide steadfast hand protection, even in the face of intensive chemical interactions. Complementing these, the faceshield offers all-encompassing facial protection, while the hairnet effectively thwarts potential contamination from stray hair.

Effortless Containment in Critical Moments

In the event of unforeseen contamination, HARD®'s products have been purposefully engineered for straightforward and secure disposal. This strategic approach minimizes the risk of further contamination, safeguarding both the dedicated professional and the immediate surroundings. At HARD®, safety is not merely a consideration—it is the foremost priority.

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"Made in Germany" Excellence in KN95 & Surgical Face Masks

At HARD®, we epitomize perfection in KN95 masks and Surgical Face Masks. Manufactured in the heart of Rheinland-Pfalz, our products not only meet European standards but also set new benchmarks in terms of environmental-friendliness, functionality, and value for money. Whether it's hairnets, faceshields, or caps, our quality management system, certified by ISO 13485 and ISO 9001, consistently ensures the highest standards and optimal comfort. At HARD®, you'll discover perfection in KN95 & Surgical Face Masks, all proudly bearing the "Made in Germany" quality seal.

Ensuring Quality Through Rigorous Testing: HARD®'s In-House Lab

At HARD®, our commitment to quality takes center stage in our very own testing laboratory. Here, our products, ranging from KN95 masks to hairnets, undergo regular scrutiny and meticulous quality control checks. This tireless dedication guarantees that each and every faceshield, mask, and other product consistently meets the highest quality standards, making quality a tangible reality for our customers.

"Made in Germany": World-Class Protective Equipment from Rhineland-Palatinate

HARD® combines German engineering excellence with state-of-the-art manufacturing technologies at our facility in Rhineland-Palatinate. This ensures international competitiveness. With a high degree of automation, continuous testing, and a wide product range spanning from KN95 masks to Surgical Face Masks, Face Shields, and hairnets, HARD® is setting new standards for quality in protective equipment.


The result of our commitment to Rhineland-Palatinate production, research and quality control is not only future-orientated business decisions, but also the delivery of products that consistently exceed our customers' expectations - quickly, efficiently and with an unsurpassed price-performance ratio.