Collection: Disposable gloves

HARD's disposable nitrile gloves, available in black and blue, set the gold standard in protection and comfort. A special formulation makes them more robust than conventional disposable rubber gloves, while the NANOGRIP TECHNOLOGY in the fingertips ensures first-class tactile sensitivity and grip even under demanding conditions. Latex and powder-free, they are ideal for allergy sufferers and sensitive skin. Their range of uses ranges from medicine to gastronomy and everyday applications. With every touch, these disposable gloves confirm their superior quality and safety.

The HARD disposable gloves

The HARD disposable gloves, available in black and blue, are the perfect choice when it comes to high-quality protection. These disposable gloves are an outstanding example of quality and comfort. As a renowned provider, we set standards in terms of security and user-friendliness. Due to a special composition, our gloves are both thicker and more tear-resistant than many conventional models. A special highlight is the integrated NANOGRIP TECHNOLOGY in the fingertips, which ensures impressive tactile sensitivity and optimal grip - even in oily or damp environments.

The HARD disposable gloves made of nitrile are a relief for people with special skin needs. Made without latex and powder, they are particularly suitable for allergy sufferers and people with sensitive skin.

These disposable rubber gloves are used in a wide variety of areas: be it in the medical sector, in the catering industry or simply for everyday use at home. Strict quality controls ensure not only a high level of protection, but also maximum comfort. If you only want the best for your hands, the nitrile gloves from HARD are exactly the right choice. Protect your hands and rely on proven quality.