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Mask requirement in healthcare facilities: an overview of opinions and positions

The winter of 2023 will once again bring the corona pandemic into the spotlight, accompanied by increasing case numbers and the spread of various virus variants. These developments raise questions about how effective previous measures are to contain the virus.

The website provides comprehensive information about the dynamic situation in winter 2023 and emphasizes the crucial importance of tests, masks and vaccinations[1]. Despite the successful management of the pandemic, the Federal Ministry of Health emphasizes that masks are still required for visitors to doctor's offices, hospitals and nursing homes[2].

In the current discussion about Corona measures, Berlin Health Senator Ulrike Gote (Greens) supports the continuation of the mask requirement in health facilities such as doctor's offices and nursing homes until spring, while relaxations in local public transport are planned. The President of the Brandenburg State Medical Association, Frank-Ullrich Schulz, also supports the protection of vulnerable groups in these facilities. On the other hand, the National Association of Statutory Health Insurance Physicians (KBV) under the leadership of Andreas Gassen is calling for the nationwide lifting of the mask requirement in medical facilities, citing the example of Bavaria, where from February 1st there is no longer a mask requirement for employees in medical practices. Despite these different opinions, the requirement to wear masks for patients and visitors in hospitals, care facilities and doctor's offices remains in place due to federal regulations[3].

In central Germany, several clinics are taking protective measures again, including reintroducing the requirement to wear masks for visitors. The increasing number of cases of Covid-19, combined with other respiratory diseases, lead to this renewed precautionary measure. Although there are no central requirements under the Infection Protection Act, clinics have the right to impose a mask requirement through house rules. Some facilities, such as the Dessau Clinic, are implementing this to protect patients, visitors and staff. Similar steps are being taken by clinics in Halle and Magdeburg, relying on the sense of responsibility of those involved.

The Magdeburg University Hospital recommends wearing mouth and nose protection or FFP2 masks in hospitals with beds, outpatient clinics and the emergency room. While some clinics, such as the Sophien- und Hufeland Klinikum Weimar, are already taking preventive measures, others emphasize that the current bed situation is manageable. Clinics are hoping for support and clear guidelines from the state government in order to implement uniform regulations. The development of the infection process is evaluated weekly and measures are adjusted if necessary[4].

The Baden-Württemberg State Center for Civic Education reflects on the restrictions on fundamental rights through measures to contain the pandemic. This peculiarity in the history of the Federal Republic is particularly emphasized[5].

Overall, these sources illustrate the current challenges in dealing with the pandemic in winter 2023 and underline the importance of testing, protective measures and vaccinations to contain the spread of the virus.

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